Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Finally All Together!

Note: These are the pics and message I received this morning. It makes me think the "Gotcha Day" pics didn't come through unless Bec did not send them. Below is the second day pics. I'll see if I can contact them directly for first day pics.

Our family with the orphanage director

Wuhan has blessed us with a beautiful boy! We have enjoyed getting to know our quiet little man. For the first few hours, he said very little. He cried some when the orphanage director left the first time, but not the day after. On day 2, we have had more times of crying, but we are all learning how he communicates. He loves his cars and his ball. We have played a lot with them. We have felt the all the prayers, and we are so grateful for them. We spent a lot of time in the department/grocery store today. We walked by the M & M's and his face lit up. So great, he loves chocolate like his mama. But overall, he is a daddy's boy. He and Jarrod seem to have hit it off the best. Katy continues to be a great mother hen. She has really only gotten upset because he won't play with her enough. Praise God for the answered prayers in this area. We know there will be more rough days ahead with her, but right now, she is doing great! We hope you enjoy the pictures. Tomorrow we will be touring Wuhan. I hope to send great pictures of Jack's home city then.

Daddy's Boy
Mama and her kids

Big Sister, Big Helper

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