Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Here are a few Gotcha Day pictures.
Bec said most everything else was captured on video.

Our family continues to learn more about each other each day. So far, Jack has not said a word. His eyes are incredibly expressive so many times we can tell what he is thinking just by watching. Other times, he uses fits and crying to communicate. We know that with the unrepaired palette that language is difficult. He has yet to respond in Mandarin. We know that has to be part of his frustration, too. Not only does he not fully understand what is going on and why these people have me, but he also doesn't have words to communicate his needs. We are pretty sure that fits are what he has used for the last 3 years. He has just started to point to things which has been incredibly helpful. He has a very low laugh, much like his sister, loves to play ball, and hasn't let go of the cars we gave him since the first day. We toured a very interesting museum this morning. We are heading to Yellow Crane Tower tomorrow.

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  1. from: Gloria Helleson, Waco, (rem: Jana's Mom)
    CONGRATULATIONS,dear ones, our sincerest of prayers and richest of blessings to EACH of you! Becky, Jarrod & Ms. Swan...your photos with precious little Jack are absolutely the GREATEST! So very, very touching.

    Love your writings and can FEEL your hearts, emotions & as well as the beauty of the sights of China itself. (love the family photo esp.)

    May our generous Father above continue to bless, guide, protect and keep you through this period of time as well as forever. May little Jack 'snuggle' in YOUR abundant LOVE, may each of you be wrapped warmly in 'God's embrace' throughout this awesome journey. Keep on Keeping on!!! Our prayers are yours!