Saturday, September 19, 2009

The Next Stop

Hello from Guangzhou,
We have made it to Guangzhou. We had an interesting last day in Wuhan. It rained all day. We had promised Katy we'd go to McDonalds one more time. So off we went with two kids and 3 umbrellas. What a sight we were. Of course, once we got inside and ordered it stopped. It made it a little easier coming back, but it had slowed us down enough that when we got back we were scrambling to get the rest of the bags packed and ready to leave at 2:30. From there we picked up Jack's passport and final paperwork from the Chinese and headed for the airport. Jack has really taken to watching out the window. He doesn't seem to mind the cars being inches away from you. As we drove the airport, it appeared that all the traffic was merging into two lanes. The other family that was with us asked if they were merging 4 lanes into 2, Christina, our guide, replied that they don't have lanes, only suggestions. Thus, traffic in China is a little intimidating to say the least. We were sad to leave Wuhan. We loved our hotel, minus the beds, and it gave me the best birthday present I have ever received, a son.
Yes, today is my birthday. I know you all haven't woken up enough to tell my "Happy Birthday" yet, so I will cut you a break. Plus, if you post on here, I won't be able to see it, anyway. So you can save the well wishes until we get back. But, keep the prayers coming. We have definitely felt them. Today, we had Jack's medical appointment. It was interesting to be in the same spot that we were in last time with Katy. I am pretty sure we even had one of the same doctors. Jack did NOT like this appointment. From the pictures to the 6 shots he had to have, he was pretty unhappy all morning long. We stopped at the Carrefour(like walmart) on the way back. Daddy stayed in the bus with Jack while he slept while Katy and I shopped a little. It was really great to be back with the whole group from Beijing, plus all the new babies. We have thoroughly enjoyed getting to know them. Katy was very happy to see her friend Olivia again. Tomorrow is our first real shopping day at Shamien Island. We are looking forward to that. Hopefully, we will sneak in a trip to the German restaurant sometime in the next few days. (Thanks for the tip, Joel and Amy) Continue to pray for Jack's transition into our family. Also, continue to pray for Katy too. She has done such a super job as big sister. J and I are tired, please pray for rest over the next few days. We feel much more relaxed here, very thankful for that. 5 days until we are home!


  1. Happy Birthday....I am so happy for you!!! I came home with Bryce 20 days before my birthday and it was the greatest birthday ever so I understand how you feel.....have a safe trip home with your beautiful family.